Growth Within The Foundation: Design for Recovery

by Jowan M. Cole

Imagine this: 10 months ago, just shy of a year, you were lost yet so sure of yourself. You were stuck in a whirlwind of drugs, alcohol, and confusion. Family members couldn’t get through to you. Your friends, those more like your blood relatives than your own kin; practically gave up on you.

You would’ve never thought — the next chapter in my life is full of promise. When Mathew Ward stepped into purpose at Design for Recovery, this was a story very similar to his. In his (age), at a lost for words with family, losing friends, and loss of self. It wasn’t until the foundation of brotherhood at Design for Recovery sober living community in Marina del Rey, CA kicked in that he learned to conquer his inner demons with sobriety and face life by it’s horns.

“Before I discovered Design, my life was a complete mess. I could not stop using drugs and alcohol to save my life. I’d burnt ever bridge in my family. After a while, I reached out to friends, David and Derek of D4R.”

Design for Recovery CEO, David Beasley, says the Design foundation is built on brotherhood. “The foundation of Design for Recovery is driven from the camaraderie of men suffering from the same disease and finding a common solution.” Through systems of accountability and brotherhood, each of these men enter D4R with a different mindset than they do once they graduate the program.


For many struggling with sobriety, the option of living a  “normal” life seems impossible. For folks like Tyler Bowman, that wasn’t true. “…My brothers gave me the strength to recognize accountability, leadership, and how to live a productive life with the tools they have taught me. I will always cherish the experience that helped me to get where I am today — which is striving to be the best person, in order to help out another through their time of need and for that, I am very grateful. “

(Photo - Tyler, Mathew, Vincent)

(Photo - Tyler, Mathew, Vincent)

For men like Daniel Calkins, sobriety seemed a mile away. Daniel Calkins, one of the D4R group leaders, just hit one year sober back in December of 2018. ““I am forever grateful for my time at Design for Recovery,” said Calkins.  “It is a special brotherhood that supported me through the hardest times of my life — I was completely broken.” A look back into Calkins’ life just over a year ago, you would’ve never anticipated such a 180. He also credits the strong foundation of brotherhood for his evolution into manhood.

We can also take a look at Vincent Imperati, another graduate of Design for Recovery. “Coming into Design for Recovery, I was physically, emotionally, and mentally broken. I was lost.” According to Imperati, the “brotherhood” saved his life.

Recovery is a lifelong process. It is a known fact that having a support system during your recovery process, will essentially speed up the process, leading you to a more prosperous, joy filled life of sobriety. There are a few really great resources that allow addicts to come into  their own during recovery. It just so happens that Design for Recovery’s philosophy of brotherhood is one of them.