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 David Beasley  Founder / Program Director 

David Beasley

Founder / Program Director 

David moved to California from his home town in North Carolina after multiple failed attempts to get sober. Through a structrued sober living experience, he was able to find a solution to his drug and alcohol problem. While living in this all male sober living, David started to excel as a leader and mentor. These skills and tools ended up being the catalyst for his recovery and ultimately the foundation he has today. David has a passion for helping young men and sharing his experience. After working in the treatment industry he noticed a serious need for ethical sober living facilities. This prior work experience brought about Davids idea and drive to open Design For Recovery. He's ambitious to promote growth and change within each individual client that enters the house. David has a strong presence in the house and continues to be apart of mentoring young men on a daily basis. 

 Derek Eckley   House Manager 

Derek Eckley 

House Manager 

Derek has been a role model in the recovery community in West LA since 2015 and following his own experience through treatment and sober living, he developed an inner fire to bring the same sense of freedom that he found to others searching for it. Derek utilizes his unique experience as a young man in the Los Angeles recovery community and his passion for the process that saved his life, to guide and usher other young men through a vital stage in their lives. His caring presence and experience offers a sense of support that brings out the best in people. His dedication to growth in his own life and growth in others' shines brightly.

 Drew Brown   Live in House Manager 

Drew Brown 

Live in House Manager 

Drew began his journey to recovery in a highly structured all male sober living. Unwilling to admit he had a real problem with drugs & alcohol at the beginning, he slowly started to find out his own truth. Through living & working with his mentors and sober living managers he was able to walk down a path he never new he wanted, free from drugs & alcohol. The persistence of his mentors & former staff taught him the skills he needed to grow & now uses today. This experience afforded him the chance to change his life. It drastically revolutionized his reality & ignited his passion to help others today. Drew is now able to mentor young men who once had the same outlook on life as he did. He was also able to reinstate his passions & trait skills outside of recovery that he thought he would never reclaim.